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Pipercross VW Bora PXPK198E PK induction kit.


Pipercross VW Bora PXPK198E PK induction kit. This PK induction kit is suitable for: VW Bora with 1.4 16v engine, model year 10/98 -. Product notes if applicable: Carbon air filter: No, Heat Shield: No,


Pipercross VW Bora PXPK198E PK induction kit.

This PK induction kit is suitable for: VW Bora with 1.4 16v engine, model year 10/98 -.

Product notes if applicable: Carbon air filter: No. Heat Shield: No. .

This Pipercross PK induction kit air filter offers the following benefits:

  • Complete standard airbox replacement
  • Comes with Full fitting kit and instructions for simple fitting
  • Carbon fibre heat shield for colder intake air, resulting in even more power
  • 30% or more airflow vs a standard paper air filter
  • Increased lifespan vs cotton before it requires cleaning
  • Cleaning is easy, no dirt caught unlike filters with V-shaped filter grooves
  • Kits have undergone Bench testing for improved fuel economy, power, and torque outputs
  • Lifetime warranty on all performance road use and replacement filters

About this Pipercross VW Bora PXPK198E PK induction kit:

Pipercross induction kits replace the restrictive factory airbox for the highest possible airflow into the engine. All Pipercross filters use composite airflow technology and systems are only released for production when fully tested. Bench flow testing makes sure of an airflow improvement for enhanced power and torque across the rev range. Pipercross induction systems are, as a result, highly recommended for optimum performance.

Unlike some competition, Pipercross uses multi-layered foam technology for its air filters instead of cotton or paper. Why? Foam has a larger filtration capacity than cotton or paper. On the road, this means that a Pipercross filter will flow stronger for longer maintaining the peak power output of the vehicle. More so than a cotton or paper counterpart. Cotton or paper filters will begin to restrict airflow as they are thinly stretched over a V-shaped wire frame. Pipercross air filters, with multi-layer technology, will, however, continue to perform.

Pipercross filters benefit from both low maintenance and long lifespan due to the special triple layer foam that is used. The coarse foam outer core traps larger particles, the middle medium foam core traps most particles and the inner fine foam core catches the remainder. This triple layer foam design offers optimal ensures optimal engine protection in all conditions.

Pipercross PK induction kits fitting/delivery:

Please note: Many items are available for a next day delivery, however, this is stock dependant and for some newer applications or out of stock products you may need to allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

If you have any questions at all regarding the fitment of these, (please contact us at Papa Smith Custom. We will be happy to help!

For any further information on Pipercross PK induction kits, Airboxes and air filter kits products including images of them fitted to various vehicles, you can visit the Pipercross Air Filters Facebook page.

Please note: Due to the importance of air filters, we advise this Pipercross VW Bora PXPK198E kit is installed by a professional mechanic. We also accept no responsibility for any damage caused due to incorrect fitment by anyone other than a professional.


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