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Ronal R56 Matt Black 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″


Ronal R56 Matt Black 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19-inch alloy wheels (sold in pairs).

Available in 15×6.5″, 16×6.5″, 17×7″, 17×8″, 18×8″ and 19×7.5″ sizes.

This is a classic style 5 spoke design alloy wheel.

This alloy wheel is also available in 2 other finishes.

See chart for all sizes and fitments available.

Ronal R56 Matt Black comes in fitment for most popular 4 and 5 stud cars.

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Ronal R56 Matt Black 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19-inch alloy wheels (sold in pairs).

Available in 15×6.5″, 16×6.5″, 17×7″, 17×8″, 18×8″ and 19×7.5″ sizes.

This is a classic style 5 spoke design alloy wheel.

This alloy wheel is also available in 2 other finishes.

See chart for all sizes and fitments available.

Ronal R56 Matt Black comes in fitment for most popular 4 and 5 stud cars.

These wheels are sold in pairs to allow for your own choice in size or offset front and rear.

5×100: 5 stud Toyota, Subaru, Older Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Chrysler plus others.

5×108: 5 Stud Ford, Renault, Jaguar, Some Land Rover, Many Post 1989 Ferrari, Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo, Newer Alfa Romeo, Newer Lancia plus others.

5×110: Newer 5 stud Vauxhall and Opel, Newer Alfa Romeo, Newer Fiat, Saab plus others.

5×112: Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Some BMW, Mercedes, Larger Mini plus others.

5×114.3: Newer Subaru, Lexus, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Kia, Jeep, Chrysler, Large Ford, Newer TVR plus others.

5×115: Vauxhall, Opel, Chevrolet, Dodge plus others.

5×118: Citroen, Renault, Nissan, Vauxhall, Opel, Fiat, Iveco, Peugeot Larger Commercial Van fitment.

5×120: BMW, Land Rover, Tesla, Commercial VW, Bentley, Larger Mini plus others.

To find out your wheel stud/lug fitment please see our alloy wheel fitment guide.

Fitments not stated above may be available on these wheels using spacer adaptors or vari-bolts, (please email us if unsure about this).

Offset in addition to Centre Bore size varies, please see variations. (any car smaller than this it will fit the centre bore).

Ronal offers a 2 Year Warranty on their wheels and also state this wheel as being suitable for winter use.

You may use a different offset to the o.e.m standard wheel, (for example to create a wider track).

Some vehicles may require wheel spacers and arch mods for fitment, please check before ordering.

This rim has TUV approval. For more information in detail regarding TUV and ABE reports, visit the Ronal technical guide page.

Please note The Ronal R56 Matt Black comes with a fitting kit free if the wheel does not directly fit the centre bore. Likewise, this includes if current nuts or bolts are no longer suitable.

Note: This wheel brand usually comes from European stock, therefore delivery to the UK (and some other countries) may take longer. Please allow an extra 1-3 WORKING days for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Choose Size/Offset/PCD/Centre Bore (buy in pairs)

15×6” ET38 4×100 68mm 615kg, 15×6” ET43 4×100 68mm 615kg, 15×6” ET25 4×108 65.1mm 615kg, 15×6” ET40 4×108 76mm 615kg, 15×6” ET40 4×114.3 76mm 615kg, 15×6” ET38 5×100 57.1mm 710kg, 15×6” ET38 5×100 68mm 710kg, 15×6” ET45 5×112 76mm 710kg, 15×6” ET50 5×112 76mm 710kg, 15×6” ET40 5×114.3 82mm 710kg, 15×6” ET50 5×114.3 82mm 630kg, 16×6.5” ET35 4×98 68mm 630kg, 16×6.5” ET35 4×100 68mm 630kg, 16×6.5” ET45 4×100 68mm 630kg, 16×6.5” ET26 4×108 65.1mm 630kg, 16×6.5” ET40 4×108 76mm 630kg, 16×6.5” ET50 5×112 76mm 800kg, 16×6.5” ET40 5×115 70.2mm 650kg, 17×7” ET37 5×100 68mm 755kg, 17×7” ET40 5×108 76mm 755kg, 17×7” ET50 5×108 76mm 755kg, 17×7” ET40 5×110 65.1mm 755kg, 17×7” ET37 5×112 76mm 755kg, 17×7” ET45 5×112 57.1mm 755kg, 17×7” ET45 5×112 76mm 755kg, 17×7” ET54 5×112 76mm 755kg, 17×7” ET40 5×114.3 82mm 755kg, 17×7” ET49 5×114.3 82mm 755kg, 17×7” ET40 5×115 70.2mm 755kg, 17×7” ET45 5×120 72.5mm 755kg, 17×8” ET42 5×108 76mm 900kg, 17×8” ET30 5×112 57.1mm 900kg, 17×8” ET35 5×112 76mm 900kg, 17×8” ET48 5×112 76mm 900kg, 17×8” ET35 5×114.3 82mm 900kg, 17×8” ET48 5×114.3 82mm 900kg, 17×8” ET35 5×120 72.5mm 900kg, 17×8” ET42 5×120 82mm 900kg, 18×8” ET35 5×100 68mm 690kg, 18×8” ET40 5×105 56.6mm 690kg, 18×8” ET40 5×108 76mm 770kg, 18×8” ET50 5×108 76mm 750kg, 18×8” ET35 5×110 65.1mm 830kg, 18×8” ET30 5×112 66.5mm 800kg, 18×8” ET35 5×112 76mm 830kg, 18×8” ET45 5×112 76mm 830kg, 18×8” ET40 5×114.3 82mm 770kg, 18×8” ET45 5×114.3 82mm 830kg, 18×8” ET40 5×115 70.2mm 770kg, 18×8” ET45 5×118 71.1mm 830kg, 18×8” ET30 5×120 72.5mm 825kg, 18×8” ET35 5×120 72.5mm 780kg, 18×8” ET42 5×120 65.1mm 860kg, 18×8” ET45 5×120 82mm 830kg, 19×7.5” ET40 5×105 56.6mm 610kg, 19×7.5” ET45 5×108 76mm 735kg, 19×7.5” ET55 5×108 76mm 725kg, 19×7.5” ET33 5×112 66.5mm 755kg, 19×7.5” ET40 5×112 76mm 770kg, 19×7.5” ET45 5×112 76mm 735kg, 19×7.5” ET51 5×112 76mm 725kg, 19×7.5” ET40 5×114.3 82mm 770kg, 19×7.5” ET50 5×114.3 82mm 725kg, 19×7.5” ET44 5×120 72.5mm 950kg, 16×6.5” ET40 5×114.3 82mm 800kg


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Size Chart

Wheel Size Offset PCD Centre Bore Load Rating
15x6” ET38 4x100 68mm 615kg
15x6” ET43 4x100 68mm 615kg
15x6” ET25 4x108 65.1mm 615kg
15x6” ET40 4x108 76mm 615kg
15x6” ET40 4x114.3 76mm 615kg
15x6” ET38 5x100 57.1mm 710kg
15x6” ET38 5x100 68mm 710kg
15x6” ET45 5x112 76mm 710kg
15x6” ET50 5x112 76mm 710kg
15x6” ET40 5x114.3 82mm 710kg
16x6.5” ET50 5x114.3 82mm 630kg
16x6.5” ET35 4x98 68mm 630kg
16x6.5” ET35 4x100 68mm 630kg
16x6.5” ET45 4x100 68mm 630kg
16x6.5” ET26 4x108 65.1mm 630kg
16x6.5” ET40 4x108 76mm 630kg
16x6.5” ET50 5x112 76mm 800kg
16x6.5” ET40 5x114.3 82mm 800kg
16x6.5” ET40 5x115 70.2mm 650kg
17x7” ET37 5x100 68mm 755kg
17x7” ET40 5x108 76mm 755kg
17x7” ET50 5x108 76mm 755kg
17x7” ET40 5x110 65.1mm 755kg
17x7” ET37 5x112 76mm 755kg
17x7” ET45 5x112 57.1mm 755kg
17x7” ET45 5x112 76mm 755kg
17x7” ET54 5x112 76mm 755kg
17x7” ET40 5x114.3 82mm 755kg
17x7” ET49 5x114.3 82mm 755kg
17x7” ET40 5x115 70.2mm 755kg
17x7” ET45 5x120 72.5mm 755kg
17x8” ET42 5x108 76mm 900kg
17x8” ET30 5x112 57.1mm 900kg
17x8” ET35 5x112 76mm 900kg
17x8” ET48 5x112 76mm 900kg
17x8” ET35 5x114.3 82mm 900kg
17x8” ET48 5x114.3 82mm 900kg
17x8” ET35 5x120 72.5mm 900kg
17x8” ET42 5x120 82mm 900kg
18x8” ET35 5x100 68mm 690kg
18x8” ET40 5x105 56.6mm 690kg
18x8” ET40 5x108 76mm 770kg
18x8” ET50 5x108 76mm 750kg
18x8” ET35 5x110 65.1mm 830kg
18x8” ET30 5x112 66.5mm 800kg
18x8” ET35 5x112 76mm 830kg
18x8” ET45 5x112 76mm 830kg
18x8” ET40 5x114.3 82mm 770kg
18x8” ET45 5x114.3 82mm 830kg
18x8” ET40 5x115 70.2mm 770kg
18x8” ET45 5x118 71.1mm 830kg
18x8” ET30 5x120 72.5mm 825kg
18x8” ET35 5x120 72.5mm 780kg
18x8” ET42 5x120 65.1mm 860kg
18x8” ET45 5x120 82mm 830kg
19x7.5” ET40 5x105 56.6mm 610kg
19x7.5” ET45 5x108 76mm 735kg
19x7.5” ET55 5x108 76mm 725kg
19x7.5” ET33 5x112 66.5mm 755kg
19x7.5” ET40 5x112 76mm 770kg
19x7.5” ET45 5x112 76mm 735kg
19x7.5” ET51 5x112 76mm 725kg
19x7.5” ET40 5x114.3 82mm 770kg
19x7.5” ET50 5x114.3 82mm 725kg
19x7.5” ET44 5x120 72.5mm 950kg

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