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We pride ourselves on our honesty and helpful advice, alongside great prices of course! Get quotes on best prices and further discounts with payment methods. FREE DELIVERY ON MOST PRODUCTS. Items such as Alloy Wheels are delivered in 1-2 days (Mainland UK), and within 3-5 days for custom fitment


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Car fitted with Alloy Wheels, performance and custom car parts
Based in the North East of England, we are specialists in performance and custom car parts for virtually any car you can think of. We have a large selection of Alloy Wheels , performance and custom car parts we can deliver to anywhere in the UK, and are working on expanding the range of all car parts available.


We sell products such as:

Alloy Wheels from 1AV, 1Form, Axe, Lenso, BBS, Borbet, Supermetal,  and many more

Tyres from Toyo and Uniroyal

Suspension kits are being added now.

Lenso Spec J 17 inch Alloy Wheels Grey Background

Alloy Wheels

All good rides need good wheels.
Toyo R888 racing tyres 285 35 20 tread image

Tyres/Racing Tyres

A car is nothing without grip.
Lowered Coil Springs Universal suspension chassis Image

Chassis and Suspension

Feeling low and feeling happy.
Engine parts stroker kit BCSr23detkit

Engine Parts and Upgrades

More power is always a good thing.
CLARKE JETSTAR 1750 Pressure Washer

Car Care

We like shiny.


Give it some body.

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