Calibre Alloy Wheels Range

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The range of Calibre Alloy Wheels From Papa Smith Custom. A large selection of good quality wheels at affordable prices. The range includes a lot of wheels in various sizes for Euro cars such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Japanese fitments are also available. Some wheels are also available in staggered (Wider Rear) fitment. The Calibre Alloy Wheels range now include a larger range of Load rated wheels for Vans and small commercial vehicles.

Calibre Alloy Wheels at Papa Smith Custom

If you buy Calibre Alloy Wheels from us, you get a free fitting kit and fast European delivery stock dependant. Please double check that the wheels will fit your car the way you want using our Alloy Wheel Fitment Guide. If unsure, please contact Papa Smith Custom at for helpful advice. We offer price matching on all our Calibre wheels, so feel free to enquire regarding prices.

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