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Category: Lenso Alloy Wheels

Lenso Alloy Wheels, as also made from the same producers as Axe and 1AV wheels.

Papa Smith Custom is a supplier of Alloys and Tyre packages, we send Alloy Wheels & Tyre Packages almost anywhere in the world. Lenso Alloy Wheels are a great choice for a stylish finish to compliment any vehicle.

Lenso have an incredible collection of cutting edge alloy wheel designs. Their work continues to meet the latest trends with new innovative & stand out designs.

Unlike many other brands, Lenso wheels machine to order most of their wheels within a range of specifications.

Awkward or unusual PCD fitments?

There is a good chance if you struggle to get those awkward PCDs, Lenso Alloy Wheels could be the answer.

PCD Fitments available from the minimum to maximum size (Depending on the wheel design) and everything in between.

Turnaround is fast for a Custom PCD wheel as machining is also done in the UK.

In some cases like Axe and 1AV, the wheel offset machining is an option to suit your vehicle fitment.



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