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Category: Staggered Wheels

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Staggered Wheels from Papa Smith Custom. There are three options here and one option may be more suitable for one type of car than the other.

Firstly and most commonly, staggered alloy wheels that have an option of different widths on one axle from the other can be found here. This option is a particularly good one if you have a very high power 2 wheel drive car and need more grip at the driving wheels (usually rear-wheel driven).

Secondly, this option also includes alloy wheels that come with a staggered diameter option. With this second option, a good example would be brands such as Lotus cars. The rear wheels could be say, 16 inches on the front and 17 inches at the rear. This option is also a particularly good one if you have a very high power 2 wheel drive car and need more grip at the rear driving wheels.

A third option is to simply have the same size wheels, but with a different offset, front to rear. This can give the illusion of wider wheels at the rear without actually going wider. This can be a good option for 4 wheel drive vehicles so the front and rear wheels are not continuously turning at different speeds from each other.

Maybe you might just be the sort of person who prefers the style of filling those rear arches with a bit more wheel and tyre? If so, this is also the section for you.

If you wish to view the alloy wheels in any of the three categories separately (width, diameter or by offset), you can click on the corresponding links below:

For staggered widths wheels:

For staggered diameter wheels:

For staggered offset wheels:

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